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the long furrow


The sensitively selected accounts of the way things were, recalled by the survivors of a past generation, coupled with the Cooper family's interest in the Roman occupation of the area, makes this work a very valuable contribution to the recorded history of England.

By Ashley Cooper.

ISBN 10: 0900227826 

ISBN 13: 9780900227820

Heart of Our History


This book explores village and parish life along the Suffolk-Essex border from about 1500. "Researching the early chapter in Record Offices and Libraries was utterly engrosing. Meeting some 90 local people - and recording their memories - for the later sections was an unforgettable experience and privilege."

By Ashley Cooper

ISBN 10: 0952477807 

ISBN 13: 9780952477808

The kyber connection


Historical links between the Sudbury-Halstead-Haleigh area and India. Based on the recollections of 70 local people.

By Ashley Cooper

ISBN 10: 0900227818 

ISBN 13: 9780900227813

Our mother earth


ISBN 10: 0952477823 

ISBN 13: 9780952477822

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