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Gestingthorpe Cricket Club was formed in 1893 and the first game to be played was against Wickham St Pauls. Gestingthorpe's score was 98 and Wickham's team were all out for 48.

It seems that the club was discontinued sometime before 1920 as in May of that year it is recorded that a meeting was held in the School Room to re-open the old cricket club.

The members elected were - President: Mrs Oates, Vice President: Revd. Greening, Captain: George Pannell, Secretary: Richard Nice and Vice Captain: Richard Felton. The Committee were Charles Downs, Dennis Felton, Mr Godefroy, J. Finch and R. Martin.

The cricket ground was in Tinn Meadow, situated to the west of Hall Farm, and lent for the purpose by Mrs C. A. Oates of Overhall. The cost of a new cricket ball then was about 15s. (75p) and a bat about 30s.

The first game recorded for this team was against Castle Hedigham and the scores were Gestingthorpe 46 and Castle Hedigham 34. Gestingthorpe has played many local teams over the years, including Bulmer, Pebmarsh, Wickham St Pauls, Great Yeldham, Belchamp Walter, Great Maplestead and Halstead Baptists.

In July 1920, Richard Felton made 33 runs while playing against Pebmarsh and in May 1921, Charles Downs made 38 runs against Belchamp Walter.

Gestingthorpe were all out for only 13 runs with Belchamp Walter gaining 59 in July 1933! Greenstead Green were the losers in 1947 when the players only made 5 runs against Gestingthorpe's 60. 

Gestingthorpe scored well on July 15 1950 when Arthur Nears made 100 runs not out, bringing his team's score to 147 and leaving Salford (the opposing team) with 64.

In the 1960's the club moved to a pitch on the new recreation ground in the village. The old cricket hut was carried by tractor and trailer from Tinn Meadow, along Yeldham Road, to the new playing field. Soon after this, the hut was extended, the new sections being built by members of the team in the barn at Delvyns Farm. The first match played by the team on the new pitch was against Mr Cook's Eleven - afterwards both teams assembled at Overhall for refreshments.

Visit their site for a fixtures list: www.gestingthorpecricketclub.com

Gestingthorpe Cricket Club at Tin Meadow.
Gestingthorpe Cricket Club at Tin Meadow.

Gestingthorpe Football Club

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